DR-01S Rhythm Partner

DR-01S Rhythm Partner
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  • SW11285
Great-sounding, easy-to-use rhythm box designed for acoustic musicians Filled with simple,... mehr
Produktinformationen "DR-01S Rhythm Partner"

Great-sounding, easy-to-use rhythm box designed for acoustic musicians

  • Filled with simple, tasteful grooves to support and enhance unplugged music styles
  • Convenient all-in-one design with high-quality integrated sound system
  • User-friendly interface for selecting instrument types and grooves, adjusting volume and tempo, and more
  • Seven simultaneous instrument categories include everything from tambourines, shakers, and congas to full drum set, sound effects, standard metronome, and many other sounds
  • Dedicated patterns in each instrument category, with the ability to layer patterns from all categories together in real time
  • Save 50 favorite rhythm combinations for quick recall
  • Control various functions and trigger sounds hands-free with optional footswitches
  • Line out for connecting to an acoustic guitar amp or larger sound system
  • Aux input enables use as a speaker for a smartphone or other audio player
  • Powered by six AA-size batteries or included AC adapter
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