Behringer X32 COMPACT

Behringer X32 COMPACT
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Produktinformationen "Behringer X32 COMPACT"

Behringer X32 COMPACT

Behringer X32 COMPACT
Behringer X32 COMPACT
Behringer X32 COMPACT
Behringer X32 COMPACT
Behringer X32 COMPACT
Artikel Nr: 159885
Marke: Behringer
Serie: Behringer X32
Kategorie: Digital-Mixer
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Die Features der grossen Schwester im kompakteren Design.

Kompaktes Digitalmischpult mit 16 von Midas entwickelten, voll programmierbaren Mic-Preamps, 40 Mix-Kanälen und 25 Bussen
Erst ab Mac OS 10.8 kompatibel! Interfacekarte ist USB-Only
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Lean Mean Mixing Machine

What happened to the X32? It's there... just a little bit smaller. The X32 COMPACT delivers the best of the flagship X32 console in a slightly smaller package for installs at smaller venues, houses of worship, theaters or discerning audio smiths who may not need as many local inputs or motorized faders.

When we began development on the X32 COMPACT, we called on our sister companies, MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK, recognized the world over for their digital consoles and EQ/FX processing, for implementation support. The programmable, high-grade micpreamps found in the X32 COMPACT are based on a genuine MIDAS design, all the way down to their A/D converters. The resulting design ensures superior common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and extremely low harmonic distortion (THD). The X32 COMPACT is an amazingly clean amalgam of high technology merged with superb user-friendly features.

We also received brilliant support from MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK in designing X32 COMPACT's GUI (graphical user interface), a major advancement in digital mixing made easy, productive, and well... fun! They also drew on their extensive experience in FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) coding for rock-solid, ultra-low latency digital channel patching-giving the X32 COMPACT the capacity to handle up to 168 sources on 168 destinations, including the two AES50 ports. You can expect to see more collaboration between BEHRINGER and MIDAS in the very near future.
You're Well Connected

Ultimate connectivity remains the battle cry of the X32 COMPACT with its 40 inputs, 25 buses, 16 programmable MIDAS-designed mic preamps, FireWire and USB 2.0 recording capability. Not sure which X32 is right for you?We totally get it. That's why the entire X32 family is designed to be beautifully scalable through the powerful AES50 ports built right in. Connect the powerhouse S16 digital snakes to these inputs to add an additional 16 mic preamps to your setup.
Travel Light... Travel Far

Need another X32 for side of stage or the broadcast control booth? X32 COMPACT packs all the features with the same great 7" TFT screen and customizable LCD scribble strip so you can take on the world of sound with all the firepower you'll ever need - without hauling a world of outboard gear and analog snake cables.


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