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Details A perfect partner for StudioLive Series III consoles. Designed to work seamlessly... mehr
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A perfect partner for StudioLive Series III consoles.

Designed to work seamlessly with PreSonus® StudioLive® Series III console/recorders the PreSonus NSB 16.8 is an 16-in, 8-out stage box that sets up quickly and easily to route signals from stage to mixer over an AVB network. With AVB networking, all signals flow through one lightweight CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a heavy, expensive copper snake—and the signal degradation that goes with long analog cable runs. You can even remote control the NSB 16.8’s inputs, preamps, and phantom power from your networked Series III console or from free PreSonus UC Surface touch-control software.


Making connections—lots of them.

A stage box is all about analog connectivity, and the NSB 16.8 gives you all the I/O you need and then some. You get 16 locking combo mic/line inputs equipped with our famous remote-controlled, Class A solid-state XMAX preamps, including gain compensation for shared input scenarios. All line inputs can be controlled from a StudioLive Series III console and from free PreSonus UC Surface software. All eight outputs employ locking XLR jacks. If that’s not enough, a built-in 2-port AVB switch lets you daisy-chain multiple units, giving you enough connections for even the largest shows and installations.


What is an AVB network?

Audio networking is much more than just a way to connect a digital snake. With an AVB network, you can connect digital audio devices over long distances using CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable and route your audio anywhere on the network with extremely low latency. AVB offers several unique benefits that make it a better choice for audio than other networking protocols. For example, AVB provides a high-precision clock that significantly reduces harmonic distortion and phasing, ensuring your audio stays clear and clean. AVB ensures you always have enough bandwidth to carry your low latency audio—even when your intern starts streaming a movie. These important benefits are an inherent part of AVB; you don’t need to do anything special to your devices or AVB switch. And you can only get them with AVB.


Tough enough for the most demanding tours.

Even if you baby your equipment, your stage boxes are likely to take a beating, especially on extended tours. But no matter how demanding the conditions, stage box failure is not an option. So we built the NSB 16.8 into a rugged steel chassis designed to survive the rigors of the road, and we equipped it with sturdy handles. Its classic stage box form factor allows the NSB 16.8 to sit well on the stage, or it can be rack mounted with an optional rack-ear kit. The NSB 16.8 also is compatible with stage pockets from Ace Backstage.


Analog Input/Output

Locking, remote controllable combo mic/line inputs

16 remote-controllable XMAX preamps

Gain compensation for shared inputs

8 locking XLR line outputs


Meters, Controls, and Processing

Mute All button

+48V indicators

Easy setup and control from StudioLive® Series III consoles and UC Surface



32x8 AVB (16 direct input channels + 16 gain-compensated input channels)

2 AVB ports with locking XLR Ethernet jacks


Actively Integrated Software

Easy setup and control from PreSonus® UC Surface touch control software for Mac®, Windows®, iPad®, and Android™, available free from Apple App Store and Google Play



Locking IEC power jack



Rugged stage box enclosure

Optional rack ears

Compatible with stage pockets from Ace Backstage

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