Nord Electro 6D 73

Nord Electro 6D 73
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  • SW11516
Stage Keyboard mit physischen Zugriegel und 73er halbgewichteter Waterfalltastatur (Orgel)... mehr
Produktinformationen "Nord Electro 6D 73"

Stage Keyboard mit physischen Zugriegel und 73er halbgewichteter
Waterfalltastatur (Orgel)

3 Klangerzeuger simultan, Orgel-, Piano- und Sample-Sektion
Split und Layer Funktionalität

- 73-key (6 oct. E-E) Velocity sensitive Semi Weighted Waterfall
- Seamless Transitions (Presetwechsel ohne Klangunterbruch)
- 3-fach multi-timbral (3 Klangerzeuger simultan)
- Split & Layer all 3 sections with optional Split Point Crossfades
- OLED Display for excellent overview
- Organize Mode for quickly rearranging programs, sounds and pages

- 1 GB memory for Nord Piano Library
- Piano Filters
- Extended Voice Polyphony
- Sympathetic String Resonance
- 4 Dynamic Curves

- Expanded memory (512 MB) for Nord Sample Library
- Extended Voice Polyphony
- Dedicated Sample Synth section with Attack, Decay/Release and
dynamic controls

- B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, Vox and Farfisa simulations
- 2 Pipe Organ models
- Dual Organ Mode
- Model 122 Vintage Rotary Speaker
- Physical Drawbars on 6D 61 and 6D 73 models
- Mount for Half-Moon Switch for Rotary Speaker control (6D 61/73)

- A wide range of instantly tweakable high quality stereo effects
modelled after classic stomp boxes
- Reverb with Bright Mode

- Masse: 1066 x 97 x 296 mm
- Gewicht: 9,2 kg
- optionales Sustainpedal: 78-n/sustain
- passender Bag: 77-n/softcase/61
- passende Option: 78-n/c/switch Leslie Half-Moon Switch

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